More About the Viewing Options

The seven different viewing options are meant to give you choices to increase the ease and quality of your viewing. The choices are not meant to confuse you but to help you to view the Catholic islander in a way that works best for you. All of the options require a download speed of at least 400 kbps. Slower speeds may work but may require a much longer loading time. The same content in shown in each option but the navigation and viewing styles are different.

The first option is adjustable to the browser size up to a 1200 pixel width and can be scrolled and page numbers can be selected.

September 2017 issue - adapts to browser size


The second option is in the form of a book where you can turn the pages or click on the arrows. There are 2 images for each page. The first ones that are visible are of lower definition which will have readable definition when the second image for the page loads. Then you can magnify each page and fill up the viewing screen with a page or parts of a page. There are navigation controls on this version and the best way to learn how to use them is by practice. This option may take longer to load and should also work on mobile devices.

September 2017 Issue - Flipbook Version


In the third option, the page numbers appear on the left side frame of each page. The same option also appears when the cover image is clicked on. If this causes problems in your viewing device, try another option.

September 2017 issue - HTML Frames Version


The fourth option is to download the original PDF file. Recent browsers will open the file in the browser window. Otherwise, you need to open the downloaded file in a PDF viewer. In either case, the PDF file will be in a scrollable format.

September 2017 issue - PDF Scroll Version


The fifth option has the same images and is similar to the first option except the images are 1600 pixels in width as compared to 1200 pixels in in the first option. The file size is larger and takes longer to load.

September 2017 issue - adapts to browser size (up to 1600 pixel width, high definition)


The sixth option is the form of selectable slides of each page.

September 2017 Issue - Slide Version


The seventh option is to view selected text from the Catholic Islander which works with Google Translate. This enables the text to be converted to over 100 different languages.

Selected Text from the September 2017 issue (with Google Translate)